121 Exec Coaching

gherkinDuring the last few years it has been vital to show your mettle as a leader. It continues to be essential as we reach greater stability - your people are watching you to see how you respond to both challenges and opportunities. Remember you set the tone!

Dean Williams

The 121 Executive Coaching Service

Specific, individual and pragmatic. You control the agenda based on what you want to get out of your time with Dean. Whether it is personal or professional, whatever the challenge you will not be judged, simply given a supportive ear prior to options that will tackle the challenge head on and help generate the results you are looking for.

All of the clients that Dean currently engages with are vastly experienced, choosing to interact with him to develop personal or behavioural attributes, help through difficult transitions or tackle the next stage in reaching even greater heights. Whatever your agenda, Dean will tap into your experience and wisdom and importantly, challenge your thinking, offer advice and promote action.

Dean offers a focused, open and energetic approach that helps deal with the challenge in hand. Far from being 'pink and fluffy', Dean promotes the robustness of his sessions by outlining his willingness to create tension and enter into uncomfortable debate if needed. Sometimes it's necessary ... after all, the more you sweat when learning, the less you bleed in battle!

Acutely aware of the importance of achieving a return on investment for his clients, Dean encourages the use of his 'coaching scorecard' to track progress made.

Initial suggestion is six 2-hour sessions over a time period dictated by you (normally 3-8 months). 

Investment £795 + vat per session*

*expenses are in addition  Please note that this rate applies to assignments in the UK only.  Other pricing structures available on request.

Get in touch with Dean to talk through your agenda and establish how he can help on 0845 604 4403 or click to email Dean