Dean Williams is one of the top executive coaches. Working with Dean has been a unique, enlightening life-changing experience. His pragmatic, insightful approach guides clients on a journey of self-discovery, building and enhancing strengths through high powered action planning and addressing development gaps with execution, challenge and support. Working with Dean has been remarkable and the potential I have discovered and more importantly explored has been life-changing and well beyond whatever I thought possible.
  • Mike Gregson
  • CEO
  • Acivico Ltd
Distilling clarity from the noise requires trust, confronting questions and depth of experience. You get this in spades with Dean.
  • Paula Covey
  • Chief Marketing Officer for Health
  • Allianz
Dean has the ability to put his clients at immediate ease using his well-positioned and on point questions to allow a breadth of thinking that you never realised you were capable of. He has an uncanny knack of reflecting back to you what he is seeing and hearing, constructed in such a way that you still feel confident and empowered to own the actions. What more could you ask from your Executive Coach!
  • Joanne Carlin
  • Director of People & Development
  • Thwaites PLC
If you have an appetite for high performance, then Dean's coaching model and the tailored way in which he delivers it doesn't merely stir up a commitment to excellence, it compels and enables it in equal measure. Over the last three years, our entire international management team have benefited from Dean's coaching programme, and the results have been clear: record breaking performance across all metrics, and significant gains in staff engagement - the foundation of productivity and the well-being of any organisation. This book is essential reading for anyone who is seeking to create the conditions in which leadership and management relationships - the fulcrum upon which any organisation shifts from good to great - can thrive and deliver world class performance.
  • Mark Waddington
  • CEO
  • Hope and Homes for Children
Working with Dean in 2008 was the moment where business behaviour became clear. By taking a simple concept in my personal life and applying it with Dean’s assistance and guidance to business - my career subsequently flourished. He has provided invaluable yet simple advice with clarity to enhance the performance of myself and my colleagues. He is knowledgeable, personable, entertaining with a huge range of business experience. I would recommend him unreservedly to any business or business person looking to develop.
  • Rob Staines
  • Managing Director
  • Aquasentry
I am privileged to write about Dean Williams whom I have known professionally and personally from the last 3 years. In my role as Manager HR & Training at Lifecare International Insurance Brokers, I have been collaborating with Dean Williams on numerous Learning and development programs for our team to enhance their productivity and lead them to an intensive growth track. Dean is highly successful in his role as a Trainer and Coach. His uncanny ability to know what the client wants before they tell him makes customers feel comfortable with him. His flexibility also allows him to quickly switch tactics if the customer changes their mind about something at the last minute.  With his knowledge and expertise gained from years of analyzing our industry, Dean’s training programs focus on areas such as Relationship Management, Sales Excellence, Leadership etc. enabling our team at Lifecare to develop an understanding on various effective ways to perform their roles in challenging situations and lead themselves from good to greater levels of performance and results. His Excellent communication, leadership and training skills have enabled us to create a highly functional team who have accomplished a tremendous amount of quality work in very short timelines Dean is a relentless and passionate advocate for improvement and positive change and has a unique approach to put this across to his audience and encourage team’s success. This is so precisely complimented with an ability to lead teams to develop solutions to problems that are both creative and sustainable.  Dean is one of the most disciplined and punctual people I've ever known. His ability to work efficiently under stressful conditions and nerve-wracking deadlines speaks volumes about his hard work, determination, composed demeanor, strong work ethics, persistence, and intellectual integrity. I would also like to add that, Dean is a compassionate human being with praiseworthy perseverance and ambition. He has a passion for his life and his work that is rare to find. In my understanding, if you are looking for a trainer or coach to help you implement changes that makes you a totally unique and successful player in your industry then Dean is the person you should be looking for.
  • Manpreet Gujral
  • HR & Training Manager
  • Lifecare International
As an HR Director my most important role is to help individuals unlock their full potential: the individual and business benefits are tremendous!  In my experience, coaching is one of the most successful approaches for doing this, provided you expose your people to the right coach.  I have worked with Dean Williams for several years now and recommended him as a coach to some of the most talented individuals within my former organisation and now at Takeda.  In every case, they have been delighted with their own development which has enabled them to have greater impact and achieve personal and professional goals in a shorter timeframe.  It has been a pleasure for me to see such talented individuals become even stronger drivers and influencers within the leadership of these world class organisations. Dean’s passion for people, his insightfulness, his focus on the individual and his fundamental belief that coaching must deliver tangible results make him an exceptional coach and a great partner for HR.  As a result, Dean Williams Executive Coaching is my Coaching Partner of Choice.
  • Nicola D P Greenway
  • Executive Director HR & Corporate Communications
  • Takeda
Having known Dean for just over twelve months, I can say that he has already helped me challenge my thinking and very quickly focused me on the next stage of my career.  I know what I need to do in terms of strategies to move forward and feel very confident about achieving this goal.  Deans approach brings significant value and I would be very happy to recommend Dean.
  • Jon Scannell
  • Financial Institutions Director
  • MetLife
I first met Dean some 18 months ago, whilst I was at Glassolutions and was very unsure at first, how to even use a business coach to maximise results. 18 months on, I now know the benefits of receiving business coaching from Dean! Initially opening up to Dean was never an issue, as his demenour and coaching style makes you warm to him straight away. He has a very warm but challenging approach to coaching which gets you thinking and asking yourself those difficult questions, before someone else does. If you are deliberating on employing the services of a business coach, I would actively encourage you to make the step and would thoroughly recommend Dean.
  • Paul Olney
  • Sales Director
  • International Timber
Working with Dean has created a welcome opportunity to stand outside myself and take a more impartial view of what's really going on in my life and in my career.  With Dean, the conversation stays just far enough away from the corporation to achieve clarity and independence, but never it ignores commercial reality or the broader personal and corporate context.  What's really very satisfying is the sense that the beneficiary is "you".  Dean is not attempting to produce a "type" but rather help very different types of people to achieve their potential.  I'm a better person for the experience.
  • Mark Mullen
  • Chief Executive, First Direct
Dean analytical style helped me identify my work priorities and personal goals. He helped me visualize my next career steps based on which we have developed specific, measurable strategies to improve my effectiveness. His unique ability to recognize, understand, and explain complex business relationships have revolutionized my thinking, and most importantly, my actions. In a matter of weeks I saw tangible results. I was a better communicator, my visibility and value at work was enhanced and my relationships with key decision-makers had grown. By making me accountable for setting and meeting my goals, Dean has been able to put my work into sharper focus, thereby giving me the skills I needed for future career advancement. Moreover, he was able to push my limits and discover my true potential and even though I am based in Dubai, distance has never been an issue for him. As such, he was readily available as and when I needed his advise and he has continuously provided the encouragement and wisdom I needed when faced with uncertainty, crisis, conflict or ambiguity in my day-to-day professional experience. Dean’s coaching was invaluable to me and he definitely gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach and mentor.
  • Ahmed Abdelaal
  • Head of Large Corporates & Public Sector Banking, HSBC
  • UAE
Dean's style is that where he actually takes you through a conversation, you are essentially having by yourself. Through insightful questioning and picking just the right level of appropriate support, he takes you down a journey which couldn't be achieved, even closely, by yourself. His toolkit is broad and he introduces a new  framework, piece of reading or other aid at just the appropriate moment - a great coach is not about knowing about these tools, more knowing the right time to introduce them. The impact, within a relatively short period of time, has been significant. People both in and out of the office have noted and complimented that there has been genuine, lasting change. Its simply not easy to achieve  this and its a great testament to his skills. I would recommend Dean to colleagues and friends who are in similar situations.
  • Nicholas J Levitt
  • Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC
  • UAE
Our team development sessions have been really worthwhile, with clearly visible and measurable improvements in the teams cohesion and output - not an easy task to achieve when working with a group of senior sales managers from seven different global locations!
  • Tim Slee
  • Sales Director
  • BUPA International
I first met Dean just over fifteen months ago.  Our first meeting was so open, honest and candid I knew we would work well together moving forward.  Dean has provided me with guidance and support as my coach, as well as a high level of challenge, as I have had to tackle significant business issues.  Dean is an independent sounding board with a wealth of relevant and rounded business experience.  He is somebody I trust implicitly and Dean has been of tremendous assistance to me in a business capacity and is always at the end of the phone whenever I want to talk to him.
  • Tariq Siddiqi
  • Senior Manager Operational Sales
  • Bupa
Dean has delivered some first class sales and team training that will make a huge impact in improving the productivity of the sales team.  His training balances effectively the need for tangible actions to pursue as well as motivating individuals to improve their performance and giving them the confidence and tools to do so.  I would recommend Dean very highly!
  • Duncan Mack
  • Head of Sales
  • Worksmart
The last two years have been the most challenging in our company’s history and in my career. I was fortunate to have Dean with me throughout that period, providing invaluable support, and techniques to deal with the stress. He helped me to understand why staff behaved in the way they did and worked with me on ways of getting my points across more effectively to fellow Board members. It helped that I felt Dean was always available whenever I needed him. I now consider him as much a friend as a coach
  • Philip Hall
  • Finance Director
  • Bayford Oil
With Dean’s help, I went on a magical mystery tour through the minefield of people management and his direct, insightful and often uncomfortable questions helped me see what obstacles were in my way and how to remove them.  Throughout this journey, Dean was always supportive and helpful; not telling me how to do something, but always guiding me to find the answers for myself. Dean not only helped me to open doors to new ideas and concepts, he also gave me a set of mental tools I could use to explore those ideas in the real world.  I will always be grateful for the help Dean gave me, and I know I am a better manager for it
  • Chris Furnell
  • Head of IT
  • Solaglas Windowcare
Working with Dean has been an incredibly enlightening experience and has helped me immensely through a period of significant change within our business.  He has taught me to look deeper into how I can impact on my team’s performance and facilitated the creation of better lines of communication in a way that I have never experienced before. His passionate direct and honest approach really got me to dig deeper for the solution and also better equip me to understand and resolve the issues. Having been involved in different sports for all of my life, I have always appreciated the true value of coaching and never felt that it would bring any significant value into the day to day running of a business, how wrong can you be? I believe that my personal performance has benefitted significantly over the months that we have worked together. Dean has a very refreshing approach, is great to work with and really helps to open your eyes
  • Alan Martin
  • Sales Director
  • Solaglas Windowcare
As Financial Controller of Bupa International I have engaged with Dean Williams as both a personal executive coach and as a facilitator for improving my whole team’s performance. Dean demonstrates an ability to get to tangible improvement actions in a short space of time by being a good questioner and listener and having a solid underpinning of both commercial and theoretical knowledge.
  • Mark Pearson
  • Financial Controller
  • Bupa International
Working with Dean over the past several months has instrumentally helped me improve personal, team and organizational performance by focusing on mutually beneficial outcomes.  I have developed specific techniques for recognizing and understanding what motivates colleagues at various levels, how those motivations may differ from my own, and how to align incentives towards a win-win result.  I have found Dean to be a patient but an active listener, dissecting and reflecting my learning and leadership styles, understanding the nuances of those styles that may be context specific, and then quickly making observations with concrete action implications.  This is a critical skill in the executive coaching business, particularly when dealing with clients in fast-paced, high pressure business settings where the need for action-oriented outcomes of coaching sessions is paramount.  I have been able to apply these observations and techniques globally as I am in the midst of an international relocation where I am re-inserting into a well-established executive team where quickly recognizing and reflecting team dynamics and motivations is critically important for my personal success and the achievement of our mutual objectives.
  • Matt Siegel
  • Vice President Client Development
  • Health Dialog
I have worked with Dean for the last 2 years.  He has been my personal mentor and also worked with the senior technology team.  In both instances Dean has brought a new perspective that has enabled us to move forward significantly. In my case I had a style that was very effective most of the time.  Dean has worked with me and brought a new perspective on certain management problems; as a result of this we have made a real breakthrough with some very difficult stakeholders.  This has moved the business forward significantly. In addition it has correctly highlighted some behaviour that needed to change, for me to move to the next level.  The senior team was a fragmented group of individuals working through a complex matrix, we now have a strong team, who understand how to work in this matrix and are at the same time beginning to be recognised as best practice, within the organisation.  Dean’s fresh perspective on enabling change has been an important contribution to this improvement. Dean has a professional, structured approach which is direct when appropriate and sensitive when needed.  I am very happy to recommend Dean.
  • Paul Bishop
  • Change Management and Technology Director
  • Bupa International
I have been working with Dean since August 2008, in two capacities. Firstly as the project lead for the performance coaching programme for Bupa International and secondly I have been personally coached by Dean. Within the organisation the coaching programme has had a tremendous impact, not least in raising our leadership capability. Following a selection for individual coaches, we asked a small number to continue working with us to undertake team coaching.  Dean was one of the few coaches, reflecting the tangible high quality results Dean has demonstrated in the business. Dean's style of coaching is one which is energised and firm yet inoffensive. Dean is able to raise difficult questions and always delivers. Personally, Dean has helped me to think differently about certain issues and challenges, ask myself some fundamental questions, resulting in often uncomfortable but important leadership change.
  • Jenny Chapman
  • HR Director
  • Bupa Care Services Australia
I have worked with Dean twice to date, initially as part of a business wide coaching programme and latterly on a one to one basis, to support the development of my skills and knowledge of Executive Coaching.  On each occasion he proved to be very professional, patient and impactful.  Dean has a way of encouraging self reflection without ever letting you off the hook, learning with impact and results. I have personally benefited from his strong support, just when I needed it. Dean will bring credibility and impact, once you have been clear what you want to achieve. Dean will help you get clear about that too, and if he doesn't believe he can help you, he'll say so. A professional.
  • John Handley
  • HR Director
  • Bupa, International Markets
The Coaching and Mentoring experience that I have enjoyed with Dean has been incredibly useful, and quite integral to my role in creating a cultural change in the customer services part of our business. Simple, useful, practical direction has also impacted positively on my own understanding and ability to demonstrate to the wider business how coaching can truly drive business results.
  • Wendy Berry
  • Coaching Team Manager
  • Orange
It's encouraging to see Dean Williams put into writing what he is so good at. My external business relationship with him over the years have definitely been first class. I can envision this skill easily crossing over into the internal business environment.
  • Teresa R. Nehra
  • Talent Management & Development
  • MasterCard Europe
I have worked with Dean for over ten years now, latterly in my capacity as Leadership & Management Development Manager for BUPA. His approach to Coaching is one that builds an effective relationship, focussing people on the issues at heart and then moving them on to action. This is key for us in a dynamic and changing business such as BUPA.  Dean has coached me personally with some of our key business challenges. Whilst ensuring that I moved away from my comfort zone, he always manages to do this in an assertive but focused way- he has much to offer executives across the business sector.
  • Keith Stopforth
  • Head of Talent & Development
  • Bupa, UK & North America
Having worked with Dean over many years I am continually impressed with the genuine level of passion, drive and satisfaction he derives from applying his knowledge and skills around business coaching. I have seen significant development of the behaviours of the Senior Managers in my team and that has had an impact on our ability to drive the business forward towards our objectives. Dean has made a real difference to the way we think and behave.
  • Colin Welby
  • Head of Partnerships
  • The Co-operative Financial Services
Dean Williams will help you to reach the most difficult and intransigent people – often with transformational results.
  • Trevor Haynes
  • Assistant Director of Building Consultancy Services
  • Birmingham City Council
Dean has a no nonsense – tell it like it is approach that is very refreshing in today’s environment. His direct way allows you to see yourself as others see you. Dean also has a great ability to appeal to all levels of people from the most sceptical “done all this before” type to the “this isn’t relevant to me” type. He challenges opinion and is a master at getting you to understand why people behave the way they do.
  • Liz Slater
  • Managing Director
  • Bayford & Co Ltd
When I first met Dean I was instantly struck by his completely infectious enthusiasm and his very dynamic thinking. So much, that it prompted me to begin analysing the mentor that I was at that time engaged with. I concluded that it was time to make a change and in the year or so that I have now worked with Dean, he has driven me to challenge and evaluate my thoughts on a whole new range of issues, ones which I never thought were important before. I have always been a positive analytical thinker but I believe that he has taken me to a new level and is always challenging me to continually take that next step outside of my comfort zone. He is refreshing to work with and I believe he has helped me to further develop my performance and behaviour in a number of areas during the time that I have known him and he has now become "One of the first names on the team sheet.
  • Ian Davy
  • Managing Director
  • Solaglas Windowcare
Ask anybody who knows me and they would scoff at the thought of my taking advice from anyone - let alone a business coach! So you can imagine my scepticism when my then boss forced me to sit down with Dean. All the stereotypical views of a coach were in my head - airy-fairy, no idea of what it takes to be a Director of a £500m turnover business, removed from the realities of managing teams and never really done a hard days work in his life! How wrong I was. Dean is acutely focused, takes no nonsense and offers realistic and practical solutions to business problems large and small. He has a real sense of empathy for those at the head of businesses and where pressure is at it's greatest. Having set up my own energy trading venture in 2009, the continuation of my programme with Dean could be viewed as a questionable cost for a new business. The fact that we continue to work together is probably the best testimony that I can provide.
  • James Spencer
  • Managing Director
  • The Fuel Trading Company