Why Have A Coach?

dean2Operating at the level that you are brings great reward but also great pressure.  It can indeed be a lonely place!   The opportunities for you to be challenged by others and where appropriate, gain accurate, robust and unbiased feedback/advice are extremely limited, if available at all! With reference to imparting feedback and in the words of Dean Williams... If I'm not operating close to the edge, I'm not being as effective as I could be as your coach!

One of the greatest impacts on the commitment and performance of your people and therefore your business is you.  The behaviours that you display and your interactions with them are obviously key. Working with an experienced Executive Coach provides you with the opportunity to leverage your strengths, but understand when you might be in danger of overplaying them.  By tapping into the experience and wisdom that has got you this far to date, an Executive Coach is able to confidentially help you identify and address risks and challenges in your approach in order to create the result you are looking for.  CEO's, Managing Directors, Directors, Heads of and senior managers with recognised potential, are all highly likely to benefit from the pragmatic approach offered via executive coaching.

‘A Coach is part adviser, part sounding board, part cheer leader, part manager and part strategist’ - The Business Journal

What are the benefits of Executive Coaching to you? Numerous, but as a starter it is possible to...

·         Broaden your style and establish better relationships with others

·         Become even more self aware and address behavioural attributes

·         Manage yourself better and develop greater levels of emotional intelligence

·         Reach a better balance between driving task and motivating the troupes

·         Build your authentic leadership presence

·         Further develop your planning and strategic thinking skills

·         Improve your political savvy and networking effectiveness

·         Ensure readiness and fitness for the next stage of your career progression